Company founder

Mediation and Consulting Company NVSP DOOEL Skopje

Kosta Shahov 11, Skopje


Vladislav Stajkovikj
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Elena Mihajlovska



Irena Beleshkovska


According to the documents from the Central Register, the owner of Zlaten Kanal in the period from 2008 to 2010 is a certain Zlatko Kostadinov. In 2010, he sells the TV station to the Mediation and Consulting Company NVSP for 5200 Euros.

In 2011, Aco Misajlovsi, known to the public as the Director of Em Media DOOEL, the company-publisher of the pro-government portal Kurir, is appointed as the Director of Zlaten Kanal.

The latest change in the management structure of Zlaten Kanal is made in 2014, when a certain Elana Mihajlovska is appointed as the Director.

That same year, this TV station relocates to Kumanovo, one of the four municipalities in which the power is held by the opposition, and is renamed into K3 TV.

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Type of concession: Regional


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