Company founder

Alfa Skop DOO Export-Import Skopje

Founded by AD Evropa, AD Makosphed, Tehnometal Vardar, CHS Invest Group DOOEL


Veselin Jevrosimovic
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Simonida Kazhic



Kole Chashule


TV Alfa started broadcasting in 2008. The majority owner at the time was the businessman Shterjo Nakov through the company Fershped. He was considered as a man close to the opposition.  In September 2013, the company of the Serbian businessman Veselin Jevrosimovikj, CHS Investment, bough out 56% of the shares in TV Alfa. The takeover was immediately followed by changes in the editorial office, when information was revealed that journalists from the pro-government media Vecher and Sitel, including journalists from the public service MTV, were transferring to TV Alfa.

Speculations that the TV station was to be taken over by businessmen close to the ruling party started emerging at the beginning of 2013. Namely, during the local elections in 2013, this TV station appeared on the list of contributors to the pre-election campaign of the ruling VMRO-DMPNE with 78 thousand euros. 

Simultaneously with the changes in the journalist and editorial staff, the editorial policy of the TV station, which was by then known as one of the rare critical mainstream media, also underwent changes.  The station cancelled the political debate program “Win-Win” hosted by the journalist Olivera Trajkovska. The public was never informed about the reasons of the cancellation of the project.

One of the most illustrative examples is the access to Government advertising. Namely, after the takeover by the new majority owner, TV Alfa started getting a massive piece of the pie called Government advertising. At the moment, this TV station is the biggest Government advertiser with 10 times the amount of broadcasting of Government advertisements as compared to the other TV station, although its rating is still among the lowest.

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